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Case Studies



Cochlear engaged GLiNTECH on an important project implementing a Content Management System and Enterprise Portal that delivered significant business advantages in a competitive global market Large cost savings and productivity gains were delivered through the consolidation of 75 country-specific websites to just 20

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State Library of NSW

The State Library of New South Wales’ vision was to digitise the unique and significant items in its collection and to showcase them through a range of online services. GLiNTECH was brought on board to implement a sustainable and robust solution, including the supporting infrastructure.

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Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Back office operations of leading investment banks rely on payments being delivered accurately and in a timely fashion. The manual processing of such transactions can carry a range of financial, operational and system risks. For Commonwealth Bank of Australia, we implemented a solution that enabled Straight Through Processing.

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Inundated with the growing number of mobile phones being sold and requiring after-market services, Nokia engaged GLiNTECH to automate their warranty, support and mobile phone repair system. Using open source frameworks, GLiNTECH analysed, designed, undertook and delivered the first release of the project.

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As a specialist in servicing the warranty needs of their technology partners, AWA required a way of automatically sending and receiving manual service calls for audit and billing purposes. GLiNTECH designed and delivered a solution that resulted in faster transaction rates and a substantial improvement in warranty process response time.

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