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As a company founded on software integration, we know the importance of having the right technology mix. That’s why, for more than a decade, GLiNTECH has strived to establish strong technology partnerships with leading industry experts. It means we’re able to provide you with a wide range of skills and knowledge for your software requirements - including licensing and reselling.

Atlassian Experts

Since 2004, our experts and consultants have helped with all kinds of client-specific requests related to Atlassian products

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GLiNTECH is an award-winning Australian IBM Premier Business Partner. We can assist with all your IBM product requirements.

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Our service delivery practice is centered around providing world class continuous delivery development practices to our clients.

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Australia's first Google Cloud Platform Training Partner will help enable potential or current users to take full advantage of the power of Cloud Platform.

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Puppet Labs

With GLiNTECH's strong understanding of Puppet, we know how to effectively leverage the system for your organisation’s benefit.

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In addition to major partnerships, the following are just a few examples of our partnerships and the areas our combined expertise can help you: 

For more details about how our partnerships can assist you, please make an enquiry.