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  • GLiNTECH specialise in software development and training. We help Enterprises build, implement, deploy, optimise and integrate..

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Our consultants are Java certified, trained in Scrum and agile development and specialise in one or more of our core services.

With our five tiered consulting structure, you can ramp up your development effort using the consultant with the right skills and experience for your needs. If you need someone qualified to help with testing, choose a consultant with six months of project experience. If you require someone to lead a project, bring a Senior Developer on board.

 Sometimes you require a leader to mentor your team or to map the enablement of new technology within your enterprise. GLiNTECH has skilled senior staff including SOA architects, Atlassian Enterprise Experts, IBM specialists, Certified Scrum Masters, Developers and more.

 At GLiNTECH we believe in demonstrable solutions and clarity of communication. Proof of Concepts are where our R&D team excel. We'll demonstrate how the technology can work for your enterprise, within your specific requirements, to solve your business needs.

The sales or renewal process for vendor licensing can be complex. That’s why we have an experienced team of specialist Software Sales Consultants who understand the licensing expectations of enterprises. It's their job to simplify these processes for you and match ‘like for like’ offerings between vendors.

 We understand the difficulty in finding support on niche products. So when you take on a custom project with GLiNTECH, you get as much support as you need.

Extending from licensing and upgrades to fixes and new releases, our DevOps engage with your team to ensure your technology investment is being optimised. When we build our niche solutions, we initiate a proper handover and support your team until they're ready to take complete control.

Atlassian Services

GLiNTECH is a recognised Atlassian Expert partner in Australia. Since 2004, we've helped with all kinds of client-specific requests related to Atlassian products.

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IBM Services

We are an award-winning Australian IBM Premier Business Partner. We can assist with all your IBM product requirements, including Licensing / Reselling, Software selection, Implementation, Development and Integration.

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Puppet Labs

We are certified Puppet Resellers and provide the experience and knowledge around best practice implementation and consultancy.

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Redhat Services

Our service delivery practice is centred around providing world class continuous delivery development practices to our clients, enabling their teams to work better and more efficiently.

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Software Development

Combine Scrum and agile development principles with industry-leading software tools. Increase your end-to-end visibility through automation, task tracking, communication and collaboration.

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We offer a range of training options to increase your understanding of software development, including Scrum and agile principles, Atlassian product training and Advanced Engineering Practices.

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