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  • SOA, BPM and Cloud
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SOA and Web Services

Projects undertaken in a scalable and structured manner Minimise ongoing maintenance through reduced complexity and clever design Defined web services that are useful, functional and reusable Ensure there is ROI on your SOA

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BPM Development

Rapidly identify process inefficiencies Avoid common pitfalls while adopting new technology Comprehensive and seamless solutions A first-class reputation built on successful implementation Clarity of communication and demonstrable services Experts in integrating disparate software

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B2B and Cloud Integration

Enjoy the efficiency of cloud offerings, portals and mobile applications A company of integration experts Orchestrate your entire information transfer environment Comprehensive security coverage Efficient messaging within and among enterprises

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How We Work

Software Development is what we do, live and understand We offer Specialised Solutions, Packaged Services and Training Engage us on a time and materials basis, or ask for a quote on a fixed price We're a trusted advisor to many enterprise clients

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