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  • GLiNTECH has become a specialist in software development through more than 10 years of projects with many enterprise clients worldwide.

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Services We Offer

We offer a range of services, a full list can be found below.

Agile and Java

Robust, scalable and tailored solutions that benefit your enterprise Focus on business outcomes, as well as architectural efforts The right JAVA tools, methodologies and frameworks Fully agile development Smooth integration of past and present code

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End-to-end Visibility

Focus on traceability, communication and visibility Bridge the gap between developers and businesses End-to-end visibility, no matter where your team is located Know your Application Development Maturity (ADM) Identify technology gaps and move towards process improvement

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Dev Tools We Love

Our developers use current tools for the whole development life cycle A focus on Architecture, Design and Dependency management through to various iteration testing tools Aim for quality code and track issues and code revisions This list is updated every few months

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Enterprise Mobility

Connect your business to the rest of the world through all devices, formats and platforms Feasibility assessments to ensure the right application selection and implementation strategy Low risk entry into enterprise mobility True integration into back-end services Manage and secure your mobile devices

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Enterprise Portals

Create successful portals with a focus on integration, management and security Map disparate back-end systems to your user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) Dashboards to monitor content/statistics in real-time Secure: different privileges for different users Go mobile and can stay in control from anywhere

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How We Work

Software Development is what we do, live and understand We offer Specialised Solutions, Packaged Services and Training Engage us on a time and materials basis, or ask for a quote on a fixed price We're a trusted advisor to many enterprise clients

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