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Senior Java Developer

GLiNTECH is a leading Australian IT services provider for enterprise clients working with vendors like Atlassian, Red Hat, Puppet, Google, Docker & IBM. We aim to provide our clients with the best technology and best service in the industry, so we hire the best.

We are looking for a skilled and passionate Senior Java Developer with strong team leadership skills and impeccable communication. Ideally, the right candidate is someone who has the ability to work autonomously as well as in a team environment. Strong problem solving skills are highly regarded; we are looking for someone who goes above and beyond!

What projects will I be working on?

This team develop in-house apps for our vendor's marketplace. They also engage with many clients, you will never be short of creating different and exciting projects both at our clients and also on our internal products. You will frequently experience the satisfaction of starting and finishing projects where you will find yourself learning and growing as a developer in a supportive environment. Our clients are vast and varied and your consulting projects will adapt to their needs. Projects may range from creating sites/applications for internal or public use. Either way, you will contribute to creating robust, responsive, high traffic, web applications that will actually be used and not lost in the depths of the internet! 

What skills will I be using?

As a Java Developer, you'll be putting your following skills into action:

  • 4+ years experience in Java 7 and/or 8
  • Web application development including an understanding of RESTful web services and OAuth 2.0
  • Strong experience with Javascript for back-end services.
  • Exposure to one or more scripting languages
  • TDD using JUnit and other frameworks 
  • Experience with source control such as: Git, Bitbucket
  • Understanding of Agile/scrum methodology 
  • Excellent presentation and consulting skills as you will be representing us on a client site.

Other Team lead skills:

  • Ability to assess broad organisational and/or technical implications and resolve complex technical problems
  • Working together with the client to manage SLAs and change requests.
  • Attend management meetings and manage the roadmap of the applications 
  • Mentoring your more junior team, shielding them from direct client pressure so that they can stay focused on achieving the project goal / milestone
  • Leading and inspiring your team and overseeing your team's actions

Highly regarded:

  • Front end technologies such as Bootstrap, AngularJS, JQuery and Node.js
  • Web Servers such as nginx
  • Continuous integration such as Test Driven Development (TDD), Continuous Delivery or Behavioural Driven Development (BDD)
  • Experience using some/most/all of Atlassian product suite
  • Spring 4 and Hibernate
  • Bachelors Degree in Computer science or related field

Why be a part of our team?

We are open to your experiences and knowledge. As you work on different projects for different clients, you will be exposed to new and cutting edge technologies while also having the freedom to learn about new technologies in your downtime. You will always be learning something new and interesting and be putting those new skills into action as you move from project to project. 

Please attach a cover letter to your CV and upload in PDF format. 

Please note: we can only accept applications from people with the right to work full-time in Australia.