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o Samsung: Automated B2B Platform



AWA to Samsung: Automated B2B Platform

Business Benefits

  • Reduced overhead costs associated with manual processing
  • Improved transaction management of warranty service calls
  • Decreased risk by reducing potential for human error
  • Improved efficiency in approving, auditing and billing service calls
  • Improved customer service through streamlined interactions


AWA Limited is an independent Australian provider of computer, home entertainment and communication technology services that specialise in servicing the warranty needs of its partners - technology providers such as Samsung and Cisco. Until recently, AWA had a manual process for receiving and sending warranty service calls to their partners which required approval for auditing and billing purposes.

With a focus on quality and quick response time for the customer, AWA needed to automate the process of interacting with their partner’s information systems. GLiNTECH successfully designed and delivered a robust solution which automated the data transfer between AWA and its partners, resulting in faster transaction rates and a substantial improvement in the warranty process response time.


Previously, the warranty service calls that AWA received were manually sent to their partner’s information systems for auditing, approval and billing. In order to increase service quality and improve response times, AWA decided to automate the process of exchanging information with their business partners. The challenge was to achieve greater data integrity, integration between business partners and improve bottom line response times to the end-customer.


GLiNTECH was engaged to analyse, design and deliver a solution that would automate the data transfer between AWA and its partners. The objective was to eliminate human intervention along with its associated risks. In addition there was a need to efficiently integrate AWA and its partner’s business applications. This would result in faster transaction rates and a substantial improvement in the warranty process response times.

In order to establish efficient B2B communication, the business process data was structured into industry standard XML documents and transferred to the partner’s backend system using the HTTP/HTTPS protocol.

The AWA backend (AWAre) system is an ‘in-house’ hosted application, built specifically for the requirements of AWA. This system was connected to the AWA file server, synchronising the incoming and outgoing documents.

webMethods provided the core technology for automating the transfer of these documents. The ‘webMethods Trading Networks’ component was used to implement business rules for auditing and routing requirements. The ‘Integration Server’ technology was used to communicate with the ‘AWA Backend (AWAre)’ system, the ‘Trading Networks’ component and the business partner’s application.

Results and Benefits

The result was an efficient, automated data transfer system, which reduced overhead costs, improved the transaction management of warranty service calls and decreased the potential for human error. This led to the improved efficiency of approving, auditing and billing the service calls and ultimately enhanced the overall customer service standards for AWA.

"We engaged GLiNTECH for their experience in the design and delivery of integration projects such as these. They delivered on time and within budget." - Mark Rainbird, Managing Director, AWA Technology Services