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GLiNTECH and Atlassian Helps Automate the Superannuation Industry.


SuperChoice's vision is to completely automate superannuation transactions and information processing to deliver over $1 billion per annum of industry cost savings and enhanced customer service. To achieve their goals, they needed to introduce the right software tools, implementation methodology and development (DevOps) practises.


With the help of Platinum Atlassian Solution Partners, GLiNTECH, SuperChoice invested in a more consistent, automated, and scalable development process utilising the complete Atlassian stack.

"If we hadn’t implemented the full Atlassian stack with GLiNTECH’s help, we wouldn’t have been able to scale and keep pace with all the projects we have in place or meet the deadlines."


SuperChoice is a superannuation e-commerce platform provider with a leading Australian market position, an emerging UK business and aspirations to expand into Asia and Europe. SuperChoice's software enables their customers (all 140,000 employers with 3 million members) to manage users, process payments and remit contributions to their chosen superannuation fund.

Download the full SuperChoice case study