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We are committed to protect and secure the data of its users following transparent practices. Our privacy policies explains how we collect your personal data, with the strictest respect for your rights, and how that data is used.

What information we collect

Trello Account information

We collect account information related to your use of the GLiNTECH owned Atlassian Marketplace Apps. Some part of this information can be personal data. By "personal data", we mean any data that enables a person to be identified, e.g. your family name, given name, or email address, as well as any other information you choose to provide us by any of the GLiNTECH owned Atlassian Marketplace Apps.

The information we collect from GLiNTECH owned Atlassian Marketplace Apps are :

We absolutely do not collect any datas from your apps.

Where theses informations are stored 

We only use trusted third parties tools to store collected information :

How we use the information we collect

We use the information we collect for a variety of purposes, and how we use it depends on what we collect and what features you use. These purposes may include:

How we share information

Only our employees, the services we use, and trusted third-party applications may have access to your personal data. Government agencies may also be recipients of your personal data, exclusively to meet legal obligations.

Managing Your Information

All information is stored at the point of purchase on https://marketplace.atlassian.com

The way Atlassian manages your data can be accessed at https://www.atlassian.com/legal/privacy-policy.

You may also request the deletion of your personal data.

To do so, please contact us at: support@glintech.com 

When you choose to provide your personal data, you expressly give your consent to the collection and usage of this data in compliance with the provisions set forth in this Privacy Policy and the legislation in force.


We may change this policy from time to time. If we do, we'll post the changes on this page. If you continue to use the Service after those changes took effect, you agree to the revised policy.