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Learn about Jira Work Management

Jira Work Management is here - a friendly and intuitive way for business teams to access the power of Jira.

With new functionality built for modern styles of collaboration, Jira Work Management enables business teams (think marketing, HR, finance, and design) to connect with their technical counterparts and work together seamlessly.

If you're still trying to manage work in Excel or monday.com - this webinar is for you.

This Masterclass serves up everything you need to know about Jira Work Management in a feature-packed 45 mins:

  • Learn the 5 new ways to get work from “to-do” to “done”
  • Streamline your processes with powerful workflows
  • Boost productivity with JWM automation
  • Know how to get started with JWM fast

Join GLiNTECH and Atlassian as they cover the above, as well as answer your questions.

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The Atlassian Masterclass series was inspired by our consultants all-too-often seeing Jira and Confluence being underutilised. 

Users either didn't know about some great features, or the configuration was sub-par and simple tasks that could be automated away were instead being done manually, wasting everyone's time. 

This series covers some of the most common questions, pain-points, and concerns we encounter - and should give you some inspiration on how to get the most from your Atlassian tools. 

Each 1-hour webinar is led by one of our Atlassian experts, with a focus on real-world problems and practical solutions.

We'll cover the topics shown above, as well as include time for questions.