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GLiNTECH supports Getting Git Right

The GLiNTECH team are pleased to announce our sponsorship of Atlassian’s Getting Git Right developer talk in Sydney next month. 

The event is the final in a series of worldwide showcases surrounding how Git software tools, in particular Atlassian’s Stash, help enterprises boost efficiency and productivity. These are the tools on which Atlassian’s worldwide success is based and for the first time in Australia they’re showcasing them in a dedicated public event. In doing so, Atlassian has chosen to partner exclusively with GLiNTECH. 

Featuring expert speakers - including developers and product managers from Atlassian - attendees will get to hear from people creating and using the software to find out why it’s becoming so popular. 

GLiNTECH’s Managing Director, Dimitri Spyridopoulos, says, “we’ve certainly noticed an increased adoption of Git, especially at the enterprise level. Having this kind of focused event - one involving the developers building the software as well as companies actually using it - is a great way to demonstrate how a product like Stash works and the value it brings."

"Anyone attending the event will be able to see where the software fits within the development flow and wider agile practices. Being able to see how it actually works on a day to day basis - like managing workload so developers can spend more time doing real development - is very beneficial to understanding the software.

"We use Stash ourselves and have seen it used across many different industries, so we know the advantages it has over other similar software. Because of that, we also know there are plenty of businesses that would benefit from it, which is why we’re happy to get behind Atlassian and this event.”

Getting Git Right is being held on 27th March, 2014. The event is free to attend, but spaces are limited. Click here to register.

UPDATE: Getting Git Right is SOLD OUT!

If you didn't manage to reserve a spot in time, please  register on the Waiting List to let us know you're still interested. We'll confirm numbers closer to the event and do our best to help accommodate you.