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Australia’s biggest Scrum hits Sydney


Scrum Australia 2013 is the first major event of its kind to be held in Australia, attracting experts from all over the world to Sydney for two days of Scrum talks.

Sydney-based enterprise software services company GLiNTECH is very pleased to have joined the event as a sponsor, helping bring more discussion and awareness of Scrum and agile practices to this part of the world.

GLiNTECH’s Managing Director, Dimitri Spyridopoulos (CSD, CSM), will be co-presenting on day one with Chris Mountford, a Senior Software Engineer at Atlassian. Their talk, titled Beyond Software, will be about taking agile and Scrum beyond software development teams and into wider business.

These two senior technologists will be sharing real experiences from the very different companies they represent; one an Aussie enterprise with a global customer base and the other a local software services company that works with global enterprises.

Says Dimitri, ”between Chris and I, we’ve got plenty of examples of agile and Scrum working in the real world to solve real business problems - beyond software development teams. We’re looking forward to sharing some of them.”

Scrum Australia takes place on April 10th and 11th in Sydney. For more information, visit the official Scrum Australia website.

Follow the event on Twitter with @GLiNTECH and @auscrum, or by using the #auscrum hashtag.