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On-premise Scrum with Jira Software training, jointly developed by GLiNTECH and AxisAgile.

As an authorised Atlassian Platinum Expert, the GLiNTECH team know how to apply Atlassian software like Jira Software to any organisation. AxisAgile are internationally acclaimed and certified Scrum training specialists. By combining both sets of expert knowledge, this course demonstrates how your business can become fully agile.

We'll show you how Scrum and Jira are used together not only to plan, track, build and release projects for software development teams, but also how they can be used across wider business areas such as HR, Sales, Marketing and more.

Learning Outcomes

GLiNTECH is one of the only Atlassian Platinum Experts in Australia and AxisAgile are internationally acclaimed and certified Scrum training specialists.

That means you've got highly skilled and highly experienced people teaching you how to apply world-class agile software tools and Scrum skills to your organisation.

The Scrum with Jira Agile training covers the following...

  • Understanding Atlassian software tools and how they fit with the Scrum and agile frameworks
  • Creating an environment that encourages ‘buy in’ to the Scrum idea, including preparing backlogs and team agreements
  • The practice of setting Sprint goals, backlogs and satisfaction conditions
  • How to set up reporting and information radiators for visibility and transparency; i.e. burndown charts, velocity tracking and quality metrics
  • The benefits of collaboration within and amongst teams
  • Encouraging self-organisation and continuous improvement
  • Customization of the tools to match project needs
  • Awareness of agile values and engineering practices
Scrum with Jira Software incorporates content from the Jira Agile in Practice training.

Course Details

Who should attend?

The Scrum with Jira Software course will benefit those seeking both world-class software as well as expert guidance about how it can be applied with Scrum frameworks and agile principles. 


Scrum with Jira Software is delivered by appointment only. Please make an enquiry. 


This course is delivered on premise, at your organisation. Alternatively, your team can come to our Training room. 


A company-level course is $10,000 for up to 12 attendees.