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2019 Atlassian Price Changes

You may have heard or received an email notification from Atlassian about increases to the price of their products and service offerings. Atlassian is increasing the price of Cloud, Server, and Data Center products to allow them to continue building a platform across each of their product lines that provides the scale, reliability, security, and robust product capabilities you’ve come to expect from Atlassian.

In the coming year, Atlassian will continue to build their products with the future in mind, while introducing new, robust capabilities that strengthen the value across each of their deployments. Atlassian have added that they are committed to continuing to provide competitively high-value products at a fair price.

The new price increase takes effect on 03 October 2019. However there is a window to renew your upcoming licensing with GLiNTECH at today's prices so long as you request a quote with us before September 30th 2019, we will be able to extend the quote validity for 30 days and up to 90 days (on a case by case basis). 

For the full Atlassian pricing table (with new pricing), visit the website here

Here is a summary of all the price increases announced by Atlassian:

Server Licensing

For New Licenses For Existing Licenses
  • Jira Software, Confluence, and Jira Core will receive significant price increases of 40-340% (dependent on user tier).
  • All existing Server licenses will be introduced over time from these new plans and will receive moderate price increases of 15% on upgrades and renewals.
  • All other products - including Atlassian-owned apps such as Portfolio for Jira and Team Calendars for Confluence - will receive moderate price increases of 15%
  • All Atlassian-owned apps (Portfolio for Jira, Questions for Confluence, Team Calendars for Confluence) will receive moderate price increases of 15% on upgrades and renewals.

Price Increase Exclusions
: Fisheye and Crucible will not receive increases for new or existing Server licenses.

Data Center Licensing

New Licenses Existing Licenses Upgrades (discounts)
  • 500 user tier in Jira Software will face a price increase of 70%.
  • Jira Software and Confluence will receive moderate price increases between 10-25%.
  • Customers upgrading from Server to Data Center will continue to receive upgrade credits. As a part of this price increase, Atlassian are increasing the discount amount for new Data Center customers upgrading from Server.
  • All other products and tiers will receive moderate price increases between 10-25%.
  • All other products and tiers will receive 10% increases.
  • Atlassian will also be re-introducing discounts for the following upgrade tiers:

    • Jira Software Server 250 users → Jira Software Data Center 500 users

    • Jira Software Server 500 Users → Jira Software Data Center 500 users

    • Confluence Server 250 users → Confluence Data Center 500 users

    • Confluence Server 500 users → Confluence Data Center 500 users

Cloud Licensing

New Cloud licenses Existing cloud licenses
  • Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Desk, Jira Core, and Bitbucket will all receive price increases for 101+ monthly users/201+ annual user.
  • All existing cloud licenses will receive a moderate increase at annual renewals as a way to ease into their new prices.
  • Percentage increase will vary by product and number of users.

Price Increase Exclusions:

  • Atlassian-owned apps Portfolio for Jira, Questions for Confluence, and Team Calendars for Confluence will not receive a price increase

  • Access, Premium plans of Jira Software and Confluence, Jira Align, Trello, Opsgenie, and Statuspage will not receive price increases

Not sure how to proceed? 

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