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Afterpay migration to Atlassian Cloud

At a time when everyone is adapting to new ways of working, ensuring you are making the best use of your Atlassian tools is essential. And Australian financial technology company Afterpay have moved fast in these challenging times to do exactly that, migrating to Atlassian Cloud in just two weeks.

The online payment platform’s fast growth trajectory - building to 10 million active customers globally within five years - is thanks to a decidedly agile mindset, as well as an innovative and future-focused approach to business. Aiming to become “the world’s favourite way to pay,” the company had to ensure its operations matched its ambitions. Afterpay inherited Atlassian’s on-prem solutions after a merger with TouchCorp in 2017, and discussions about either upgrading existing servers or migrating to the cloud were already taking place when COVID-19 hit in early 2020.

As a testament to the company’s ability to move quickly and decisively, Afterpay moved their Atlassian server solutions – Jira and Confluence – to the cloud in a record time of two weeks. It was a pivotal move for the company: with over 45,000 retail merchant partners globally, security and privacy are top priorities for Afterpay. And as a financial technology company, it has strict regulations to comply with, so being able to access and find information quickly is crucial.

The migration was a success - as its employee satisfaction levels demonstrate. Afterpay went from fielding 10 to 15 employee complaints a day about its on-premise version of Confluence and Jira to zero after the cloud migration. 

Read the full case study to learn more about:

  • Why remote working fast-tracked Afterpay’s migration to Atlassian Cloud
  • What the Afterpay team did to set up a successful migration to the cloud
  • How they overcame their outdated security issues

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