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Atlassian announces major changes

Atlassian has publicly announced their roadmap for the future and as you may have guessed, it's all about Cloud! Atlassian's goal is to be a Cloud-first organisation as they continue to invest heavily in this offering.

Don't panic - there are plenty of resources and support available to help facilitate these changes, and we're confident that the options available suit every customers' unique needs.

Below, GLiNTECH has summarised the main announcements with a rundown of your options and the next steps you may need to take.

Summary of Atlassian’s announcement

Retirement of Server

Given the diversity of organisations using Atlassian server products, there will be different approaches to the changes. See below for the three possible paths:

  1. Migrate to Atlassian Cloud. This path is recommended by Atlassian as it will provide the most value and benefits. GLiNTECH offers free sessions for those wanting more information on this option.

  2. Migrate to Data Center. This is the on-premise option for those whose business requirements prevent working in Cloud.

  3. Continue on Server. With three years before support no longer available, organisations can stay on Server while they make a decision on the best next step. Do keep in mind - acting early means you'll experience the benefits sooner and avoid future changes or price increases that may affect you. We can help you lock in pricing for two years if this is the option you choose.

Changes to Data Center 

As part of the changes, Atlassian is bolstering their investment in Data Center, offering new capabilities and integrations that will make it easier to use Data Center and Cloud products together. It will also offer priority support for most user tiers and make new native apps available.

If you already have a Data Center subscription and own one of these apps or services, it will no longer offered as separate paid apps, instead included as part of the overall subscription cost.

If you have a server licence, you can purchase these marketplace apps only until February 21, 2021. Or if you already have them, you can continue to renew them until 2024.

This extra investment in Data Center will see pricing for existing subscriptions rise by approximately 15 percent from February 2, 2021 and new subscriptions will see an increased price.

Immediate action plan

It’s important to do an assessment of your organisation’s current needs and solutions to get an idea of where you need to head next.

Get an overview of all your server instances - applications, versions, users, plug-ins and take a closer look at your evolution plan (i.e. upgrades, downgrades and scalability).

It is crucial to consider is where your company is heading in the next 12 to 24 months. If you were planning on adding any Atlassian applications in the next 12 months, it's worth re-evaluating your deployment options. If you were contemplating a migration already, it's time to re-visit what that looks like. 

Atlassian acknowledges that the changes being implemented in February 2021 and beyond will be daunting for some. But there is plenty of support and information available and GLiNTECH are here to help you along the way.

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