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Atlassian certifications coming soon in 2016!

Atlassian have quietly released details on the up and coming Atlassian Certified Professional (ACP)  program that is due to land in mid-2016. 

The plan is to roll out certification for all their products and each certification will have a series of Atlassian Certified Elite (ACE) badges. Regarding ACE Badges, Atlassian mentions that they, “help you expand and sharpen your knowledge of Atlassian products and extend your underlying Certification.” Each certification area will carry a one or more exams which are are meant to be validations of skills and knowledge possessed by the individual.

Currently two certifications have been announced:

  1. ACP JIRA Administrator along with one ACE badge has been announced -  Advanced JIRA workflows.

  2. ACP Confluence Administrator


Who should get certified?

These are not certifications for end-users of JIRA and Confluence. They are aimed at Systems Administrators with 2-3 years experience using Atlassian. They also target updated instances of JIRA and Confluence. If you have not played around with the latest changes either in a cloud or server environment then going through the certification preparation process will be beneficial.

The cost?

Yes, it is an extra expense ($350 USD per ACP exam and $150 USD for ACE badge exam) and yes, it is a proctored exam (the ACE exams will be online in an Authorised testing centre)  but the preparation work required means you will have all the theory as well as the relevant work experience. We see it as a good way to ensure validation of knowledge and it will be beneficial for career development.

More details about the Certifications and training requirements

ACP JIRA Administrator

Exam ACP-100 JIRA Administration

The focus of the exam is on JIRA 7 (and 6.4) and administration tasks associated with JIRA and JIRA Software. It is not about JIRA Agile or other more specific tasks like Integrations. If you're just getting started, Atlassian recommend sitting the following JIRA Admin courses:

  1. JIRA Admin Part 1: Project Configuration
  2. JIRA Admin Part 2: User Management and Schemes

If you are considering the ACE badge then Getting more from JIRA Workflows OLD is the right course to take.

ACP Confluence Administrator

Exam ACP-200 Confluence Administration

The focus of the exam is on Confluence 5.8 administration tasks such as manage, customize and configure Confluence from within the Confluence user interface. Atlassian have so far not recommended any courses on their website but they have released Exam topics and from the looks of them the courses GLiNTECH offer include:

  1. Getting started with Confluence
  2. Getting More from Confluence

What happens next?

Atlassian will be releasing more ACE badges over time and you can register your interest to sit discounted beta exams here.

In the meantime, hold tight and subscribe to our blog or newsletter to receive updates and training course schedules at GLiNTECH. 

 If you are interested in JIRA training and certification or Confluence training and certification, register your interest through our contact form.