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Atlassian Cloud Pricing Changes

Here’s a look at what the pricing changes mean for users

Atlassian Cloud is an essential entry point for Atlassian solutions. This popular collaboration software has, until now, had rather broad pricing tiers. Now, Atlassian has decided to restructure its pricing in the hope it will allow users more flexible options in choosing the right package based on team size. If you are a monthly user, you will begin to pay per user.

Why pricing is changing

Following customer research, Atlassian explained that the pricing change reflected users' preferences for more detailed subscriptions and a pay-per-user model. The pricing change was also influenced by Atlassian’s need to be consistent across products and be in line with industry pricing.

As a customer, it’s never great to see a price increase. Unfortunately, they are inevitable if you are dealing with a product that continues to improve. Atlassian communicated that its R&D investment has increased over the last few years to work on continuous improvement of its software. This investment has yielded great results for users and in turn, the value of what you use has increased.

Who is impacted

These pricing changes apply to cloud users only. If you use a server or data center for Atlassian tools, your pricing has not changed.

Effective date and products affected

This new pricing structure became effective July 31, 2017. For existing customers, the change will occur on their first renewal date.

The pricing changes impact these products:

Additionally, these add-ons are also part of the new pricing:

The pricing structure has several factors that impact the price you pay, including the size of your team, the tools used and if you are a monthly or annual subscriber.


For those with the annual 10 user deal, you will remain at $10 per user. If you are a JIRA Service Desk user, the figures remain the same. Any open quotes at the time of the change will be grandfathered into old pricing with changes occurring at renewal. Outside of these exceptions, all other pricing changed, mostly increasing.

Annual Licensing Changes

Atlassian created annual subscription tiers, which will allow users to choose a plan that represents their team size.

There is a price freeze for under 25 users. Atlassian reduced the price for all user tiers of 25 or more. The only exception is for the 2,000+ tier, but the increase is only $250.

All other annual toolset pricing increased. For a full review of pricing changes for toolsets, go to the Atlassian website.

Monthly Licensing Changes

You will continue to order monthly subscriptions through Atlassian. However, it’s now per user with no tiers. This means you won’t be paying for empty seats.

For 10 users or less, a flat fee of $10 applies to all products. This is really the only standardised pricing. The price per user decreases as you add more users. Learn more here.

This is really an advantage for small teams. The more users you have, the more it makes sense to have an annual license. Consider this when moving forward. At what point is the annual cost significantly less versus monthly costs?

If you have any questions or want to learn more about the advantages of a server or data centre, please contact us.