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Atlassian Enterprise Workshop

A couple of weeks ago, GLiNTECH hosted our first event for the year; an Atlassian Enterprise Workshop. This workshop was organised on the back of the huge interest and success of last November’s Atlassian Enterprise Breakfast. The idea was to give those that missed out on that event a chance to discover more about Atlassian’s recent foray into Enterprise grade support and services, as well as letting them throw questions at our specialist Atlassian team.

Because we’ve spent 15 years working with large scale organisations - and nearly a decade with Atlassian and their tools - when the new Enterprise offerings were announced we quickly recognised the benefits they’d have for our clients. As such, last year our team flew to San Jose for Atlassian Summit to take part in official workshops and ensure we had a complete understanding of the new products and services. Back in Sydney, we’re now using that expertise to help educate local Enterprises about some of the advantages these new offerings might have over existing large scale setups.

For this workshop, we’d invited around a dozen guests to go through the key components of Atlassian Enterprise; Data Center, Enterprise Licensing Agreements,Technical Account Managers and Premier Support. But we took questions of everything from general training to specific deployment concerns and adoption across the maturity curve. The Q&A element to these types of events are always interesting as they give attendees (and us) a far deeper understanding of different problems and wider implications for businesses, creating the kind of robust discussion you only get from an open forum. We were fortunate to have Otto Ruettinger, the Principal Product Manager for JIRA Enterprise, come along for about an hour to field questions (some tough ones included...) from an Atlassian perspective.

We ended the session with a sneak peek of Webfluence, a forthcoming release that offers new possibilities for businesses using Confluence. We’ll have more details about Webfluence on our blog soon.

We’ve got plans to host more workshops throughout the year focusing on different aspects of Atlassian Enterprise, so keep an eye out for announcements.