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Atlassian’s New HipChat Data Center

Atlassian has recently announced the official launch of its new HipChat Data Center edition, previously available to only beta users.

Designed to bring large, growing teams in enterprise businesses the reliability, scalability, and availability they demand in mission-critical tools, the new data centre is a welcome entrant in Atlassian's stable. It joins Atlassian's other offerings: Confluence, Bitbucket, JIRA Software, and JIRA Service Desk as the newest Atlassian Data Center deployment.  

HipChat Data Center--What's Updated?

Teams who once used email to communicate can now rely on the HipChat Data Center’s built-in chat feature. That’s not all HipChat’s newest offering brings to the table. Together with ChatOps, teams can swarm to troubleshoot IT incidents, automate more projects, and monitor builds with the tool's multiple integrations.

Lower Downtime, Fewer Interruptions

HipChat Data Center reduces the risk of interruptions and provides higher availability, scale, and control. Multiple nodes allow uninterrupted conversations, even when hardware fails. 

Admins and IT Departments Have More Control, More Scale, More Consistency

The HipChat Data Center increases user capacity--it can scale up to as many as 20,000 named users, out of which 10,000 can use it at one time, depending on how many nodes one has. Other features admins and IT departments will love are:

Considering Moving to HipChat Data Center from HipChat Server? Here’s What You Need to Know

Though you won’t need to move to HipChat Data Center right away, there are advantages for those who do. Admins and IT departments who switch over, says Atlassian, will notice the difference immediately. Authentication and control, scale, and availability—all will give your teams more of an edge. 

For those who aren't prepared to switch over immediately, we recommend putting a plan in place soon, since Atlassian will not offer HipChat Server any longer. Critical security updates for HipChat Server will only occur for two years, according to the company’s end-of-life policy. If you want full feature updates and bug fixes in the near future, you’ll need to move to HipChat Data Center.

For more information on how you can best leverage the power of Atlassian’s new HipChat Data Center, contact Glintech today