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Atlassian Summit 2015: Key Points From The Event

GLiNTECH’s top takeaways from the Software, IT and Business Teams keynotes at Atlassian Summit 2015.

HipChat Connect will enhance HipChat (As the Summit updates were broadcasted directly from San Francisco via HipChat).

During the Summit Atlassian revealed HipChat Connect, a new API designed to transform the chat client into a team decision-making platform for organisations. Through HipChat Connect, developers can write addons that can be accessed directly from HipChat.

The enhanced HipChat brings a slate of new capabilities to the table, including:

  • Smart previews for all objects you want to incorporate into the chat, including web links, social media posts, your social media mentions, JIRA issues and more

  • Easily take action on items with the HipChat stream via the view of the sidebar. You can also drag what’s relevant into the chat to discuss in more depth

  • Input actions allows you to start flows and create objects that are room specific and your team will also be notified of the results

  • Dialog options through forms and interfaces, such as with polls

Hipchat is a command center for your team, so your team can move in real-time.

Mobile friendly versions of JIRA and Confluence

When changing workplace dynamics, creating remote workplaces and globally distributed teams are common. Atlassian is aware that being able to access all the information and files you need through your mobile device is absolutely necessary. With that said, Atlassian will be introducing mobile apps for JIRA and Confluence early next year, which can be fully integrated with HipChat for a connected experience across all of your devices.
Although this is most likely to be released next year, you can sign up to be a beta tester.

Confluence will be free for customers
Atlassian will adopt a similar pricing model to JIRA Service Desk meaning that you will only pay for the number of agents you need. As a result, all of your customers will be able to access your Confluence knowledge base at no charge!

Centralisation and collaboration
Atlassian is also focusing on centralisation and automation, bringing in a ton of new features.

  • HipChat Connect will allow teams to see and act on information from other Atlassian tools, including integrated add-ons, without having to leave their team’s HipChat room.

  • JIRA Software’s Release Hub gives a high-level overview of how a release is tracking via status updates and information on both code and builds.

  • Developers can now design feature branches in Bitbucket from a JIRA issue; this essentially eliminates the need for manual updates.

  • Information is just now one mouse-click away in Confluence, JIRA and HipChat.

  • Different teams across the whole business can all used the same tools (individually customized), which will allow for a more common, shared language and thus a smoother collaboration process.

What to expect in 2016

  • JIRA and Confluence mobile apps for iOS and Android

  • Smart graph enabled enhanced search insights and automation

  • Collaborative editing through co-authoring documents in real time in Confluence

  • In-place editing in Confluence will allow you to resume from when you left off in the document.

  • JIRA Service Desk is incorporating contextual information from smart graphs as well as associating words with articles for a self-service improvement in user searches.  

Other Thoughts

  • Cloud for Enterprise is the next big frontier for Atlassian however there are big challenges ahead.

  • Data Center (and possibly cloud as well) are being stifled because many of the plugins are not compatible yet (50% of Atlassian software is installed with Marketplace add-ons).

With so many changes and challenges coming up for Atlassian and Enterprise users, GLiNTECH are your Atlassian Platinum Experts in Australia and can help you get more out of your Atlassian products. Contact us today to learn more.