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Better Tiles for Confluence available on Atlassian Marketplace

Better Tiles for Confluence available on Atlassian Marketplace

The GLiNTECH development team had an early Christmas present at the end of 2019 with the approval of our latest app, Better Tiles for Confluence, on the Atlassian Marketplace. 

What is Better Tiles for Confluence?

Better Tiles for Confluence is a content and layout app that creates an "at a glance" snippet of information that acts as portal to another page, space, site, document or image.

Tiles are arranged in a highly configurable grid layout, with Pinterest style behaviour when media formats change. This user experience is seamless, easy to navigate and to the point. 


With Better Tiles for Confluence you can:

  • Create responsive grids of tiles.
  • Each Tile Container allows you to set 8 properties including default height, width, direction and alignment
  • Each Tile allows you to set 15 different properties, including background image, background color, height and width.

GLiNTECH have been using Better Tiles for Confluence internally for over a year and we love it. Through our extensive experience internally and with clients, we've learned that the ability to create interactive content inside Confluence results in a richer, more user-friendly experience.

Try it out today!