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BPM Caches and Tables: Add new table record

This is a follow-up to a previous post about BPM Caches and Tables: Add new table record.

Viewing and editing records of any kind is a common requirement for online user interfaces. What follows is a very efficient way of enabling/disabling the creation and deletion of a new record, as well as viewing and editing existing ones.

A caveat to note is that when dragging and dropping a list data structure onto a coach, all the fields are initially read-only. 

Consider the following table: Do you know how the end user can be allowed to add a new record?

Go to the coach on the designer view, click on Presentation and then you can select what controls will be shown on the table. Such as ADD NEW ROW, EDIT, DELETE.

The option to Edit/Delete records will now be conveniently displayed on the table itself.