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BPM Caches and Tables: Display and edit data

Assume you have a scenario where you need to display and edit the information for multiple people. The following benefit is out of the box functionality for managing records. For this specific example, we have a “Vendor Contract Generation” and a list of related contacts that we may need to update.

STEP 1: Modify the existing process to add a new coach:

STEP 2: Notice that there is a Contacts list which is the data we need to display and modify:

STEP 3: All that needs to be done is to drag and drop the contacts variable onto the coach and everything will be automatically completed for us:

STEP 4: Now if we play the coach we can display the data but we cannot edit it:

STEP 5: To enable editing, we have to right click and delete each column:

STEP 6: If we run it again we can see that we are able to edit the specific field: