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Can ITIL style processes be applied with JIRA Service Desk?

If you've arrived at this post looking for a one-word answer to the above question, that answer is: ‘Yes!’. But let’s go back a few steps for a brief explanation of what ITIL is…

Starting with a very high-level view, ITIL is a way of marrying up IT services with business needs – the acronym itself stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, but you might also have heard of it referred to under the umbrella of ITSM, or IT Service Management.

ITIL essentially takes a distinct set of best practice processes and integrates them into a single overarching framework. Using that framework, IT teams are able to more easily align their resources with business needs and deliver services in a way that delivers the most value. By harnessing ITIL procedures, a business has a better platform from which to plan, execute, quantify and improve.

The ITIL Certification

To get official certification and be recognised and endorsed as being able to support the full ITIL framework, system tools – like JIRA Service Desk – are assessed thoroughly and have to meet stringent criteria on a wide range of factors including features, terminologies, workflows, function and more.

JIRA Service Desk passed this certification by meeting 100% of the integration criteria, all of which was mandatory. These processes include: Request Fulfillment, Incident Management, Problem Management and Change Management.

JSD and ITIL for your business

The main function of JIRA Service Desk within the ITIL framework is one of support and helping you streamline processes, for example:

Fast reporting and responses
With the implementation of the Atlassian suite for ITIL process, the connected and collaborative nature of the tools means you get faster access to incident reporting, faster resolutions and less downtime.

Managing change with workflows
JIRA Service Desk’s workflows help with standardisation, speeding things up and keeping them moving.

Central reference point
In conjunction with Confluence you can have a repository for all your ITIL processes, actions and instructions that’s open to collaboration across your organisation.

ITIL is not associated with software development methodology like Agile, but it is a framework that works hand in hand with IT service delivery and processes within an organisation to make the overall process more effective and efficient beyond your IT team.

To learn how JIRA Service Desk can help make your business become more streamlined and self-sufficient, register for our next, upcoming JIRA Service Desk workshop.