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Confluence: Terms & Conditions plugin v1.0.4

Earlier this year we published a brief post announcing that our Terms and Conditions for Confluence for Confluence was available. Having got some feedback from users since and worked off those suggestions, we’ve just released version 1.0.4 to the Atlassian marketplace.

The previous version was pretty straightforward, forcing users to either agree to - or decline - an acceptable use policy when first logging into an organisation’s Confluence site.

It’s still straightforward, but the main request we got was to add some tracking functionality so that the administrator could see who had accepted (or declined) the organisation’s terms and conditions. We’re happy to say that this is now a feature of v1.0.4, with the administrator being able to view which users have accepted or declined, including the date and time of acceptance.

If you want to download the new version, head here. If you’ve got any other feature requests, please let us know....