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Dev Tools We Love

Every few months our consultants and developers are asked to complete a short survey about the main software development tools they’re using. It’s that information that gets used to update the Dev Tools We Love page on the GLiNTECH website.

While that’s obviously important in making sure visitors to our site get a broad view of the technology set we’re currently working with, it also lets us form some interesting observations about how dev tools are changing. It is, if you like, a very informal view of ‘what’s hot’ in the world of development.

In our most recent update, there were a couple of key trends for us, chiefly in the use of Atlassian Services software. For example, all our consultants - without exception - now use JIRA, and all but one use Confluence. Incidentally, JIRA is now also used by our office admin, sales, marketing, and graphics people too. It seems that everyone’s fully embracing agility!

On the back of a number of R&D projects in the mobile technology sphere, such as BLiPS, we’ve noticed an increased uptake in the use of IBM Worklight and Phonegap. We anticipate those types of development tools will continue to grow in usage as more businesses focus on their mobile strategies.

For a more comprehensive list of what we’re using at the moment, head to the Dev Tools We Love page.