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Donation to the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation

We’re making a donation on your behalf this holiday season!

Our founders believe in the change that technology and research can bring to medicine and to our children’s future.

For this reason, GLiNTECH has, since 2007, partnered with Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation, a local charity that focuses on medical outcomes for children and supports the two largest children's hospitals in NSW. Each year, we are sent a technology list from the Foundation and we contribute towards the purchase of specific equipment that is listed as a priority. This is done as part of our Pledge 1% vow - to see technology, services and funds we contribute to charity have a direct impact each year.

This year, due to the pandemic, we cannot deliver Christmas hampers easily to our suppliers and clients. So, in 2020, those funds have been added towards the technology purchase for the Foundation. You are a part of our contribution. 

GLiNTECH's 2020 donation goes towards the purchase of TCI Syringe Drivers. These are critical pieces of equipment needed to support the anaesthetics service at the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. If anaesthetic pumps are unavailable for use, the provision of treatment is affected and waitlists are impacted. The machines being replaced are end of life and will not be serviced beyond December 2020.

The team at GLiNTECH would like to thank you for working with us in 2020. We wish you all the best over the holidays.