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Evaluating WebSphere Portal 7... A Journey Into the Unknown

Sal Pece over at TheServerSide.com posted a great article on the beginning of his evaluation of Websphere Portal 7. This first piece only covers the installation on Windows, but is well done and even includes uninstall instructions.

Every journey begins with a single step; unless, of course, you trip over your feet and break your darn neck.  I’ve been tasked with evaluating the available Portal solutions for a multi-year, multi-million dollar project and I need to be pretty darned sure I’m on solid footing with the latest, upcoming release of IBM's WebSphere Portal 7. I’ve worked with many of the  Portal incarnations, from WPS to JetSpeed, so I know what a standard portal has to offer. But for now, the question I have to ask myself is whether to begin my next project with a proven 6.1.5 WebSphere Portal Server platform, or attempt the unthinkable, and jump head first into the empty pool of the "early adopter." With the WebSphere Portal 7 Gold release upon us, I need to evaluate every feature to determine if it will satisfy the rigorous nees of the enterprise, not just now, but in the years to come as well.

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