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GLiNTECH acquires new Atlassian app and launches Atlassian for Business

New Atlassian app for our clients

GLiNTECH has recently completed the acquisition of a new Atlassian app targeting the Jira platform.

The deal includes the acquisition of the app Dash, previously owned by Polymath Solutions and sees Jimmy Van joining the companyDash will join GLiNTECH’s growing portfolio of enterprise grade Atlassian apps and will form the basis of a new solution at GLiNTECH called Atlassian for Business. 

Dash is an Atlassian app that enables Jira customers to process, manage and automate complex business workflows like Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, legal automation, HR automation and financial services industry, Government and more. 

Atlassian for Business

GLiNTECH is excited to announce the launch of Atlassian for Business, a new solution focused on delivering technology products and services within Australian business teams to successfully automate processes and improving communications to save time and resources. Atlassian for Business will build on the work started by Polymath Solutions and will help the company's clients solve more business problems through packaged automation solutions. 

CEO of GLiNTECH, Dimitri Spyridopoulos says, “The launch of a new solution within GLiNTECH focused on solving business problems for new and existing Atlassian customers made a lot of sense and lets us leverage our experience and expertise in development, support and consulting. With hundreds of existing Atlassian customers we are well positioned to grow the capability of Dash and to develop other packaged business automation solutions for use by our clients."