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GLiNTECH and Valiantys partnership

Two Atlassian Platinum Partners working non-stop for you? That idea is now a reality.

Valiantys, a top Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with expertise in Agile Development, Lean ITSM, and Lean Business Process Management, announced today that it has partnered with Australian Atlassian Platinum Solution partner, GLiNTECH, which specialises in Software Automation for enterprise-scale organisations. With support specialists in North America, Europe and Australia between them,  Valiantys and GLiNTECH are now able to provide their client base of major global companies in all three regions with 24/7 live support coverage.

Announcing the strategic partnership today, Lucas Dussurget, Valiantys’ Chief Executive Officer, said, "As more of our clients look to outsource the running of their Atlassian systems to specialists like us, we want to offer the best possible managed support services with truly round-the-clock coverage. We were looking to work with the best and GLiNTECH is an obvious choice as we have a tremendous amount of respect for what they are doing in the Atlassian ecosystem. We both agree that we could create a mutually beneficial partnership that would best serve our customers."

Dimitri Spyridopoulos, Managing Director of GLiNTECH, said, "We are delighted to have started this partnership. Together our combined global experience and reach is clearly a unique offering in the Atlassian ecosystem. Both organisations not only bring a long history of working with Atlassian but we have already found that our combination of companies provides a deeper insight into the challenges faced by global companies. These are exciting times."

Martin Musierowicz, Atlassian’s Head of Global Channels, said of the partnership, "It’s great news that  two of our Platinum Solution Partners are working together to offer better service for Atlassian users. At Atlassian, we are always on the lookout for ways to improve user experience and we wholeheartedly believe that this partnership will be a gamechanger for Valiantys and GLiNTECH’s clients."

As part of this partnership, Valiantys will be leveraging a highly-experienced team of Sydney-based Atlassian experts. Dussurget says, "This puts us both in a strong position to meet our ever-complex customer support demands. We are very excited to kick 2020 off with our new partnership with GLiNTECH”.

About Valiantys

Valiantys is the leading global Atlassian consultancy firm that helps companies accelerate their digital transformation with Agile, Enterprise Service Management, and corporate business processes. We understand each and every situation and believe that our innovative consultants - experts in the right tools and methods - will uncover the best solutions for your business. Valiantys bridges the gap between practices like SAFe, Agile and ITIL and your tools, building powerful platforms based on the Atlassian suite.


GLiNTECH partners with Australia's most successful organisations to help realise the potential of your people and processes. As premier partners of Atlassian, RedHat, Docker, IBM and Puppet, GLiNTECH understands what it takes to modernise your IT & Business processes through automation and DevOps. GLiNTECH will support your teams through the journey - from implementation to optimisation and training, we will provide best practices along the way.

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