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GLiNTECH App releases and more!

The GLiNTECH Development team has been busy churning out features and DC versions of our Server apps in the last few weeks. 

It's been an exciting time juggling our Atlassian Bug Bounty commitments, customer DC version requests, whilst also taking on feature requests both internally and from our app customers. 

Terms and Conditions for Jira - Data Center

The Terms and Conditions for Jira add-on will create a pop-up modal that requests Jira users to accept an organization's specific terms and conditions, acceptable use policy, or other similar content.

The Data Center version of Terms and Conditions for Jira (v1.3.1-19) was released on the 30th of April and is compatible with Jira version v8.5.0 → v8.16.1 and supports JSM.

This adds to our growing suite of DC-compatible marketplace apps. 

Breadcrumb for Confluence - Data Center

Breadcrumb for Confluence is a simple add-on that allows the user to navigate the page tree in a concise and linear fashion. Currently free, this app has over 170 active installations and was one of the most requested DC-compatible apps. 

We are happy to announce that Breadcrumb for Confluence Data Center (v1.2.1_48) has been released is compatible with Confluence v6.9.0 → v7.12.0. 

N.B.: The next release of Breadcrumb for Confluence Server and DC will be a paid Marketplace app.  

Instant Websites for Confluence-  Cloud

Our most popular app, Instant Websites for Confluence Cloud,  was enrolled in the Atlassian Bug Bounty program earlier in the year. To ensure our enrollment, the app was enhanced to meet Atlassian's strict security protocols and the AWS infrastructure upgraded.  We are excited to announce that after a 6 week round of testing, we are officially a Cloud Security Participant!

We have also released serveral new features to enhance the product and to further align it with the Confluence user experience. These include:

Download ConfigThis new feature allows customers to download and re-upload configuration for their Instant Website spaces. 

Image Pop-upWhen images on your published site are selected, they are pop up into a modal view, allowing you to see the image at its full size. Just like Confluence.  

Code Copy | When the Code Macro is used on a space, your published Instant Website will now allow the code content to be copied. This is very useful for customers who use Instant Websites for documentation. 

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