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GLiNTECH Atlassian Apps - Latest version releases

The in-house development team at GLiNTECH are happy to announce the version releases for four of our most popular Atlassian Apps. 

Available now on the marketplace, these released versions include new features, bug fixes and compatibility upgrades to the latest Jira and Confluence versions.

Instant Websites for Confluence Cloud

Hostname changes in Instant Websites are now a breeze with in built functionality to rename and delete hostname configuration.

This gives publishers the ultimate flexibility in configuring the right hostname for their Instant Website.

Also in this release is some rework of confluence page link parsing to ensure all page links are parsed correctly.

Terms and Conditions for Confluence

Version 1.1.3 of Terms and Conditions for Confluence is now compatible with Confluence 6.4.3 and corrects an issue with navigating to the configuration page. Read more about this on our release notes page.

Custom Button for Confluence

Custom Button for Confluence has been modified in version 1.2.2 in use a new colour picker giving users the flexibility to design their buttons as they like. This version also corrects a conflict with imported modules that clashed with Confluence's code macro. These two features now work seamlessly on the page. Custom Button for Confluence is also now compatible with Confluence 6.4.3

Compact Cards for Jira

This minor release of Compact Cards for Jira upgrades the app be compatible with Jira 7.5

Further information and installation instructions can be found on our online documentation site. If you need any further support please contact us via our support page.