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How Redaction Secures Confluence Content

Redaction is the best approach to sharing private content securely.

First off, it’s good to note that Confluence has three levels of security built-in. Global permissions determine who can access Confluence. Space permissions determine who can view and collaborate in a space. And page permissions determine who can view and/or edit content. Sometimes though we need a little more flexibility.

Redaction, otherwise known as sanitisation of classified information, is the blacking out or deletion of text in a document.

Redaction for Confluence provides granular content security, allowing content such as words, paragraphs and table cells on a Confluence page to be hidden from all but a select group or user. It works for blogs too.

You can then export a redacted version of the page or blog to PDF or Word document. Thus ensuring that people can collaborate on classified information securely while protecting that content from prying eyes.

Use cases for Redaction

Here is a quick tour of Redaction:

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