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Integrating Puppet Enterprise and Bitbucket Server

If you’re rolling out Puppet Enterprise in your organisation, you’ll quickly learn that it’s part of an ecosystem and you’ll need to setup some critical integrations with other services around your organisation.

Usually the first thing an organisation needs to do is get their code from git to the Puppet Master, so that when new code is checked in it arrives on the Puppet Master a few moments later.

On the Puppet side this is setup with Code Manager.

On the git side, you need to figure out a way to hit Code Manager’s webhook yourself, usually by crafting HTTP requests using something like Curl.

Puppet Deploy Plugin for Bitbucket Server

At GLINTECH many of our customers use Atlassian Bitbucket Server for Git.  For those wanting to use Puppet Enterprise as well, there is now a simple way to do so by using Geoff William’s marketplace addon Puppet Deploy plugin.

The plugin lets you configure the integration between Bitbucket and Puppet Enterprise easily, by copying and pasting your authentication tokens from the Puppet Master into the plugin’s configuration screen. This simplified process makes this the
easiest way to integrate Bitbucket and Puppet.

Once setup, the plugin immediately triggers the refresh process on the Puppet Master when new code is pushed. It also provides buttons to deploy instantly, so that the update process can be triggered on demand or debugged in the browser. 

If you’re just starting out with Puppet Enterprise, the plugin is a great way to simplify the setup of your servers and become more productive by spending time writing Puppet Code For some organisations this is all that's really needed!  

Those with with a bit more experience - or a lot of nodes to manage - know they need to be able to test their code and only deploy when tests are passing.  For the moment, this comes down to crafting HTTP requests from Bamboo tasks.

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