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JIRA Service Desk Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts have help many companies implement JIRA Service Desk for their teams and here are 6 of the most frequently asked question:

Question: Why have a JIRA Service Desk?

Answer: JIRA Service Desk is a collaborative service management solution built for IT and service teams. With JIRA Service Desk, you can prioritize, automate and solve requests faster than ever.


Question: How much does JIRA Service Desk cost per customer?

Answer: Customers do not require a JIRA Service Desk license to rise a request through customer portal, so you aren't limited to a certain number of customers who can create requests through your service desk.  JIRA Service Desk, you're only accountable for the number of agents (how works on request) you have in your system. 

Question: How you can assign a JSD customer request/issue (i.e. a customer reported a bug via customer portal) to a different team/project in JIRA Software?

Answer:  You can create a linked issue in JIRA Software (which is a bug in JIRA Software project) from the initial request in JIRA Service Desk. Both issues are linked back and forth from JIRA to JSD and vice-versa. In JIRA Service Desk you can set up an automation rule that when JIRA Service Desk request (Bug) get assigning to a development team, a new comment is added to the original request and the Customer gets notified automatically through an email.

Question: Does JIRA Service Desk provide a self-service portal?

Answer:  Yes, Customers can use knowledge base in JIRA Service Desk by customer portal to self-serve themselves. Make it easy to ask for help with smart, automated knowledge base suggestions. You can include FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and any other important technical details your customer may want or need to know. A few of the stupendous ways your organization can use a Knowledge base are:

  • IT: Use How-to and Support questions
  • HR: Use FAQ on how to onboard a new hire, visa requests, and employee changes or transfers.

Question: Can you customize JIRA Service Desk to meet your business requirements?

Answer:  Yes, You can. Each IT or service team is unique, and the default SLA's workflows, customer portal, fields, request types, and queues are a starting point for you to build your own.

Even JIRA Service Desk does comes with an IT Service Desk template that your team can use to manage service requests, incidents, problems, and change. The template include some of the pre-configured functionality to help your IT team get started.  But you can customize this template to meet your team's requirements. 

Question:  How can JIRA Service Desk increase customer satisfaction? 

Answer: You can deliver great customer service with multi channel support: by using JIRA Service Desk's built-in customer portal, integration with confluence (knowledge base), built-in feature to collect customer feedback and reduce the need for emails. With JIRA Service Desk, your customers can always find answers no matter how they ask for it, if you keep the knowledge base updated and user-friendly, a support team can direct its attention on solving the bigger problems. JIRA Service Desk provides efficient way to find resolution to the customer's issues, which ends in happier customer and productive agent.

"Online social networking service Twitter has reduced its email support volume by 80% with JIRA Service Desk."

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