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Link a tablet to your meeting room calendar

The main meeting room at GLiNTECH is often in high demand. It gets used by a lot of different people, for a lot of different purposes; meetings, interviews, training, development games, watching a bit of sport on the projector, beer tastings, etc.

Like most businesses, we use a calendar booking system to keep track of when the room’s available and when it’s been booked. But, as we suspect is the case with most businesses, this doesn’t always prove to be a fool-proof way of stopping someone from poking their head in to see if the room’s free. We understand that it’s bound to happen - it’s just unfortunate that it usually happens when you’re midway through a killer PowerPoint presentation and interrupts your flow...

Anyway, our developers started playing around with a better solution to the problem; a tablet-based booking system. They reasoned that by linking our online calendars to a tablet mounted neatly next to the door, it’d be much easier to see, at a glance, whether the room was being used - without poking your head in and possibly interrupting someone.

We’re finding that it works really well. When the room’s available, the tablet glows green (ok to enter). When the room has been booked, the tablet glows red (don’t go there!) and shows the details of the current and next meeting.

It’s a pretty simple concept, but an effective one. It’s only on the Google Nexus 7 at the moment and there are a few minor things to sort out before we’d be able to put the app out for others to download, but if and when we do we’ll post the details on our website.

* * * UPDATE (31/05/13) * * *

The Meeting Room Calendar app is now available for purchase on Google play.