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Meeting Room Calendar app now available

Back in February, our developers created an app that helped sort out a bit of confusion with booking our meeting rooms. Basically, it linked a Google calendar and displayed it on a tablet stuck on the wall outside the meeting room so that passers by could easily see when the room was (or wasn’t) being used.

You can read the original blog post and see some useful pictures Meeting Room Calendar.

It started off as something we were just playing around with and using internally, but visitors to our office kept mentioning that it was a pretty good idea so we decided to tidy it up a bit and release it to anyone else that might want to give it a go.

With that, we’re happy to say that the Meeting Room Calendar app is now available for purchase on Google Play for $4.99 (AUD).

The initial development was done for a Google Nexus 7 tablet, however it should now scale to work with most devices.

Give it a go and if you’ve got feedback/issues/suggestions, please feel free to let us know either in the comments below or in Bitbucket. And we’d love to hear if anyone has any other ways to use the app too...