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Mindville acquisition by Atlassian - the creators of Insight

Atlassian announced last month it has acquired Mindville, an Atlassian Marketplace Partner and creator of asset and configuration management products such as Insight. Atlassian Partners have been including Insight as part of their ITSM Solutions for many years, alongside Atlassian products such as Jira Service Desk and Opsgenie.

GLiNTECH is a Mindville Silver Partner, so has extensive experience in ensuring clients get the most value from Insight, as well as helping organisations looking to modernise their ITSM solution. Insight is an established app on the Marketplace with over 6,000 active installations, and will help Atlassian accelerate the development of new features, particularly in the Cloud version.

Why do you need IT Asset Management?

Today’s IT organisations have a lot on their plates. Between maintaining system uptime, supporting users, and managing inventory of both hardware and software, saying it’s a challenge is putting it mildly. Some organisations decide to manage their inventory in spreadsheets, or maybe with a lightweight database. But these solutions don’t typically allow shared, real-time access so that anyone can update or see the data. 

An asset management solution has many advantages, including:

  • Decreased support costs through increased productivity
  • More efficient root cause analysis and a faster Mean Time to Restore Services
  • Lower software and infrastructure costs
  • Improved governance and compliance

What is Insight?

Insight creates an object schema in Jira to store your IT assets. These include computers, routers, software licences, applications and other objects.

Further context can be provided with information on objects referenced within Jira tickets.

This context comes in handy to explore relationships and dependencies between different assets to conduct Root Cause Analysis. For example, to understand how a hardware failure can affect various applications and services.

Insight syncs readily with external data sources, such as LDAP, CSV files and REST APIs.

It comes with its own automation engine, so you can set up automatic rules to define standardised names for assets or send reminders before a software licence renewal.

Get started now with Insight training

Check out the video of GLiNTECH’s quick demo of the Insight tool as part of the Masterclass series on Advanced Jira Service Desk.

Insight Discovery

Mindville’s other product is Insights Discovery. This tool helps to solve one of the biggest issues of IT asset management teams - keeping the asset register up to date.

Insight Discovery is a network scanning extension of Insight, allowing you to build a singular view of your IT infrastructure that is always current. It does this by automatically searching for and identifying all IP‑enabled configuration items (CIs) and map dependencies.

For more information, or help in finding out how Insight can benefit your team, reach out to our team. 

Read the Atlassian announcement here and the Q&A from Mindville here.