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New Marketplace app releases for Confluence Cloud

Our development team at GLiNTECH is always working to respond to customer requests and that’s good news for Confluence Cloud users this month, with two new apps released on Atlassian Marketplace.

Better Blogs for Confluence (Cloud) and Breadcrumb for Confluence (Cloud) are new Cloud versions of our popular apps.

Better Blogs for Confluence (Cloud) streamlines the internal communications process within organisations. The idea originated at Twitter, where they wanted to ensure every member of the product, design, and engineering teams would be notified of every new blog post in the engineering space.

Rather than asking every employee to subscribe to receive notifications - a task that is often neglected or forgotten - a space administrator subscribes groups of users to a space’s blog. All employees then receive an email notification when there is a new blog, so that everyone stays in the loop. And any new user added to the group is subscribed automatically, doing away with the need for periodic updates.

A Cloud version of Better Blogs for Confluence was often requested by customers after the Atlassian Server EOL was announced last year, and GLiNTECH is pleased to now have this version ready for Cloud users.

Breadcrumb for Confluence (Cloud) is a page macro that allows the user to put a breadcrumb anywhere on a page. Users can create their own custom breadcrumb that navigates to other pages, spaces or even external sites. 

It allows the user to navigate the page tree in a straightforward, linear fashion. The aim is to help avoid pages becoming long and nested, which is often the result of team collaboration.

Better Blogs for Confluence (Cloud) and Breadcrumb for Confluence (Cloud) are now available on Atlassian Marketplace.

If you have any questions or would like more information on these apps, contact GLiNTECH.