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Portfolio for JIRA 2.0 new release is announced

For those who have tried JIRA Portfolio Workshop 2016 1.0 or considering a project or portfolio planning feature to JIRA Software, then this will be useful for you. According to internal Atlassian sources, Portfolio 2.0 will be officially released tonight - here is what they said:

"We’re excited to announce that Portfolio for JIRA 2.0 has arrived, featuring a new integration with JIRA Software - redesigned from the ground up. By loading data dynamically from JIRA Software, you can plan in real-time and everything will always be up to date. The new integration means you can say goodbye to manually tracking progress and status using disconnected tools like spreadsheets. Your team's work in JIRA will automatically roll up into Portfolio so you can get visibility across all teams and projects at a glance...

We heard you!
Over the past year, the Portfolio team has been listening to your feedback, and one obvious theme emerged: seamless integration. Teams need to keep their sprints, backlog rankings, epic-story relationships – in other words, everything they do in JIRA Software – in sync with their long-term plans in Portfolio for Jira. So the Portfolio team has been working tirelessly to deliver a completely revamped Portfolio 2.0 that's seamlessly integrated with JIRA Software."

Benefits of using this version of Portfolio

Unlike the previous version of Portfolio, this new 2.0 release will be*:

Below is a quick run-through of Portfolio for JIRA 2.0

So what's new in Portfolio for JIRA 2.0? Here are just some features you can look forward to*:

Plug and plan in less than a minute*
When your teams are working in JIRA Software, you don't want to manually import and export their data for your planning and reporting needs.  Because Portfolio for JIRA is now seamlessly integrated with JIRA, you can create a portfolio plan instantly by connecting directly to your team's work, and it will always be up to date with the latest data.

By following the set-up wizard, you can have a portfolio plan ready to go in under a minute. Connect to your boards, projects, or filters from JIRA Software, select your relevant releases, add your teams, and confirm your scope. Voila! You have a live portfolio plan.


Sandbox planning for playing with the what-ifs*
Planning works best in a planning sandbox, where you can freely play with the numbers and trial different what-if scenarios. Whilst you want the data you play with to be up to date (i.e. the data pulled from JIRA Software into Portfolio for JIRA) to ensure your scenarios are realistic, you don't necessarily want the changes you make in Portfolio to be pushed into JIRA Software immediately.

One of the many benefits of Portfolio 2.0 is the freedom to play in a sandbox - you can create what-if scenarios and only commit to JIRA Software when you’re ready. If you’ve ever had trouble seeing what changes were made, now they’re easier to see. With the new review changes dialog, you have a full view of all changes made before committing them back to JIRA Software. This makes it easy for the team to sit down and review the changes together, and then commit to the changes as a team.

GLiNTECH have successfully helped clients implement and train teams to become successful using Portfolio. To find out more about how JIRA Portfolio Workshop 2016 2.0 can fit in with your team. Contact one of our experts.

*GLiNTECH is an Atlassian Platinum Partner and this update was taken directly from the Atlassian Experts portal