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Protecting IT Credentials with Redaction for Confluence

Many companies create and update their IT documentation on Confluence. One of the challenges is storing and sharing passwords in a secure manner.

Imagine a situation where you have several support staff that need access to IT system information and one or two System Administrators who manage the systems. In this scenario we want to ensure that the support people can see relevant information for assisting other employees while keeping passwords for servers and network equipment visible by only the SysAdmins.

Redaction for Confluence addresses this need nicely by allowing all documentation, including passwords, to live on a single Confluence page while only allowing the System Administrators to see the passwords.

System Administrator

A System Administrator sees the redacted content in a yellow highlight. They know that this is private information that is only shared with a select group or individual (including themselves). 

For this company the System Administrator and CTO can see all of the details - IT system information and server and network equipment passwords. Further, they can optionally make redacted content available for different people. For example, they may choose to share the software license keys with the internal support team while keeping the passwords private.

Support Team

The members of the support team do not see any of the redacted/censored content.

In this way the passwords remain with the System Administrators (and not on a piece of paper!) and all support team members have access to up to date information to support other employees.

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