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Terms and conditions add-on updated

The new, updated Terms and Conditions add-on for Confluence will make managing your T&C easier than ever. Ensuring that your Acceptable Use Policy is up-to-date to align with your business policy and accepted by all members of your team can be a hassle. Now, we’ve turned it into a seamless process.

You can now request acceptance with first use. Once a user has accepted, they won’t be bothered by your policy again until it changes and they need to accept the new terms. If they don’t accept, they won’t be able to log on. This simplifies the process, making it a one-time effort for your users.

Your business is going to have to make changes to your policy from time to time. Whether you need to re-write a small detail or add an entire section, you can configure updates whenever your business needs to change a part of your Terms and Conditions. Our updated add-on makes it easy.

As the administrator, you can input your customised text and then request your users to accept the new policy. With the text editor, you can also use HTML markup to customise your updates. It’s that simple. Updates will never be a headache again.

Want to know which users have accepted the policy so far? You can view the feedback list in real-time as the administrator. You’ll be able to see the exact date and time that each individual accepts each update, while also having access to a list of those users that haven’t yet accepted the new T&C. Want to reset access, having everyone on your team accept again? No problem. With this update to our add-on, you can reset whenever you need to.

The updated version of the Terms and Conditions add-on is compatible with the latest version of Confluence.