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Terms and Conditions for Confluence - get working, faster

Getting Confluence users to agree to terms and conditions efficiently and without unnecessary delay is crucial in getting your teams to work as quickly as possible.

GLiNTECH’s Atlassian Marketplace app, Terms and Conditions for Confluence, is designed specifically to achieve this - and now we’ve made the process even smoother, with the addition of two new features.


In some instances, instead of each user individually accepting the Terms and Conditions upon logging in to Confluence, it’s sufficient for one user to submit acceptance on behalf of their team or department.

Terms and Conditions now allows you to do this, by entering group names in the configuration. A user simply selects Accept, and all users will get access when they log in. And if T&Cs are updated, the administrator can also reset acceptance.

We have also added audit tables to the database, where all group actions are logged and easily tracked.

Content from Page

Terms and Conditions for Confluence content have traditionally been composed with either plain text or HTML. But we’ve now added a new feature allowing you to use the content of a space page as your T&Cs content.

This saves valuable time for admins, who will no longer need to compose or format the content themselves.

Terms and Conditions for Confluence, available on the Atlassian Marketplace.