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Two new Marketplace Apps for Confluence Data Center

Our development team at GLiNTECH is always working to respond to customer requests and that’s good news for Confluence Data Center users this month, with two new DC versions of apps released on Atlassian Marketplace.

Redaction, Protect High Security Content and Custom Button for Confluence are now available for Confluence Data Center. 

Redaction, Protect High Security Content introduces a fourth level of permissions enabling you to censor paragraphs of text, individual words and figures, and tables cells. 

Companies need to collaborate around great content. They also need to make sure that sensitive information is only viewed and distributed by those with permission. Rather than hiding an entire page, Redaction, High Security Content provides a more granular level of content visibility, enabling you to hide words or paragraphs within a page. Redacted content is not included in page exports or search results, ensuring that sensitive information stays private. The reality is that things leak. With Redaction, you are protecting content on and off-premise.

Custom Button for Confluence is a page macro that allows the users to put a button anywhere on a page. Users can point to pages in the current space, other spaces or even external websites. Make your buttons pop with configurable background colour and text colour changes.

Redaction, High Security Content and Custom Button for Confluence are now available on the Atlassian Marketplace. 

If you have any questions or would like more information on these apps, contact GLiNTECH.