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The Atlassian Marketplace has generated over $250 million in total sales since its beginning in 2012 — $100 million of that in the past year alone! There are now over 3,000 add-ons available on our platform and growing ever year! This group is to help existing App developers come together to share and learn more about how we can grow our Apps on the Atlassian Marketplace.

 What this session is about
GLiNTECH will be continuing on from the previous meeting - intended for App developers who have already launched an Atlassian App, intending to launch one or have an idea and want to learn from other on how to get started in this space.

During this event, we're looking for a quick show and tell followed by a tear down and feedback of your App's UX.

Feel free to post links to your Apps in advance if you want people to start pulling them apart earlier. and nothing formal like presentations.

What to bring
Yourself, ideas and sharing your experiences. Pizza and drinks will be provided.

Important to know
This is a mastermind group to learn and share industry knowledge and not a sales event. So no Selling!

Upcoming Meetup

Tuesday June 5, 2:30pm - GLiNTECH Boardroom

Suite 1, Level 1, 60 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000