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Thank you to all who joined us in Melbourne! This event is now closed.

Atlassian is running RoadTrip 2015 on March 26th and this year it's coming to Melbourne!

Check out the link and meet us face to face at the event. As Platinum Experts we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

This year RoadTrip will be focusing on how great teamwork gets more done and that doesn't just mean IT or development teams. It's about the potential to share goals, processes and communication across organisations; marketing, engineering, admin, accounting - everyone. During the course of the day you'll hear from many Atlassian executives and fellow users and get to see new product features in action, including:

Also as the official trainers for Atlassian we are delighted with the opportunity to provide the training at the Australian leg of RoadTrip. The courses that are available include:

The training will be hands-on with computers and course materials being provided. Let us know in advance if you would like to book a seat for yourself or a colleague by booking at the RoadTrip website.

As always, spaces are limited and tend to sell out, so get in quick if you want to come along.