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Atlassian User Groups - Thursday 14 January 6PM

Please join us for our monthly Atlassian User Groups. We've got some really awesome stuff packed into the agenda for the evening such as:

  • Product Owner Open Mic: "If my customers only knew that..."
  • Best Bug: Talk about your work arounds for missing functionality
  • Marketplace Magic: What are your favorite plugins/add-ons from the Marketplace and how are you using them?

We'll also have Expert Partners available, tons of free stuff and, of course, food and booze!

Doors open at 6pm and they close at 6:30pm so please make it by then or risk getting locked out!


6:00PM: Beer, Wine, Pizza and a word from our Sponsors. Bring your tough technical questions and pair up with one of our on-hand, sponsors from Glintech or Service Rocket and get some fast, free help.