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Portfolio for JIRA Workshop

Are you a Manager or Product Owner of multiple projects within your Enterprise?

Are your teams using JIRA and you find gathering information between all your projects a nuisance? 

Do you want to find ways to scale Agile using existing tools and processes?

Then this workshop is for you. Portfolio for JIRA is an add-on which provides a single view for multiple projects as well as enhanced resource management options for planning. GLiNTECH have worked with JIRA Portfolio and want to share insights on how you can achieve best practices within your organisation. 

Join us for an exclusive workshop focusing on the Portfolio for JIRA tool and how it works within the JIRA family. Alongside a demonstration of Portfolio, our presenters will walk through ways of configuring and integrating Portfolio for JIRA with your existing software, what it means within the Data Center offering and how this tool works within the pros and cons of scaling Agile.  

Speakers attended: Robin Scanlon (Senior Technical Consultant at GLiNTECH), Martin Suntinger (Product Manager at Atlassian)

Take a look at a preview of Portfolio for JIRA 2.0 below...



The Portfolio for JIRA workshop event has already completed for this year. For access to the video recording and notes click on the button.