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Atlassian Support 

GLiNTECH is a recognised Platinum Atlassian Expert - one of the very few in Australia and provide outstanding support services.

Based in our Sydney office, we have the local expertise to assist with queries anywhere across the country.

As well as Atlassian licensing, our team provides support, maintenance and customisation packages across the Atlassian suite, including:

GLiNTECH's senior Technical Consultants can provide scheduled advice and support to users across a range of Atlassian platforms. Once we have assisted you with workflows, config, upgrades and other services, having an Expert check-in monthly or quarterly will give your team peace of mind. 

Benefits of having an Advisory Expert include ...

... scheduled time with a senior expert. This advisor will assist you as you plan updates and craft up-scaling solutions. Answering any questions, providing advice for tweaks to workflows, reporting or just accessing information about usage trends so that you are on top of things. 

... a resource specifically geared toward your needs and the products you are using. Your Expert will make it easy to understand which moves you need to make. Achieving comprehensive adherence to industry standards, regulations, and best practices just became much simpler.

... a go-to person who really knows Atlassian. As Premier Experts, our team have a closer relationship with Atlassian and know product roadmaps and can make sure your team are up-to-date with all the latest information.

... high-quality planning support by someone who will understand your environment. Your Expert can provide you with valuable insight into planning strategies, which they then manage with our services team for implementation. No surprises, the same Expert who has been analysing your systems will oversee your projects. Furthermore, your Expert will make sure you receive priority when it comes to GLiNTECH services. 

..advance planning for scaling projects. To update or not to update? To scale up or to keep going as you are? These questions usually only come up when there is a problem or when your annual renewal time is approaching. 

Your GLiNTECH Advisory Expert has the insight to help you plan before problems occur. They can analyse your current usage trends, gaining an understanding of your capability and how that fits into your future growth strategies. Using this knowledge, it defines schedules for updates moving forward, and sets you and your organisation on a roadmap towards growth and success.

What This Means for GLiNTECH Clients

Together with Atlassian’s software and GLiNTECH’s implementation services, GLiNTECH's Advisory Expert gives businesses the tools required to harness supreme advantages from Confluence, Jira and more.

Each component of this group is designed to complement the others. Atlassian’s software pieces provide the functionality which businesses need to get ahead, GLiNTECH traditionally partners this functionality by providing implementation, scaling and updating services, and now our Advisory arm supports this with expert advice and guidance and powerful scheduling capability.

We offer flexibility through ongoing support plans or ad-hoc consulting, both in Sydney and around Australia.

An Integrated Future for Atlassian Users

For most consumers, Atlassian’s products do not exist in isolation. Instead, most customers use the functionality of at least two – often more – of the products, gaining a comprehensive benefit on an organisation-wide level. At the recent Atlassian Summit event, we learned that the software producers are planning to enhance this element of collaboration, comprehensiveness and integration further, by making it easier to unify projects across multiple platforms.

With this in mind, we can see how much this will mean for customers today, tomorrow and beyond. Atlassian themselves do not provide implementation services, or customisation and ongoing support. This is where GLiNTECH - as Atlassian's partners - come in. 

For more information about GLiNTECH's Advisory Consultants, and to discover more about what it means for the specifics of your business, get in touch with a member of our team today